08/12/16 - 8/13/16

Liz and CJ
Very Green 2'3"
7th, 8th
Under Saddle: 7th

Jen and Bella
Training Jumpers 3'
2nd, 2nd
Reserve Grand Champion!

KC and Dot
Childrens 3ft
2nd, 5th
Under Saddle: 5th

Andrea and Raven
Schooling Hunter 2'6''
3rd, 3rd
Under Saddle: 3rd

OTTB 2'6''
6th, 4th
Under Saddle: 2nd

Hunter Warm Up 2'6''
6th out of 35

Grace and Ellie
Hunter Warm up 2'
5th out of 10

Short Stirrup 2'
7th, 6th, 4th
Eq over fences: 7th
Eq on the flat: 6th

Beginner Rider 2'
3rd, 6th, 5th

Kayla and Ace
Limit Rider 2'3''
7th, 6th
Under Saddle: 3rd